Red Raiders News · Boys Volleyball Tryout Dates & Times – All Levels


Monday, August 19         12-2pm, 3-5:00pm*

Tuesday, August 20         9-12noon, 3-5:00pm*

Wednesday, August 21   9-12noon, 3-5:00pm*

Thursday, August 22        9-12noon, 3-5:00pm*

Friday, August 23             9-12noon, 3-5:00pm*


Monday, August 19         5-7pm*

Tuesday, August 20         5-7pm*

Wednesday, August 21   5-7pm*

Thursday, August 22       5-7pm*

Friday, August 23             5-7pm*


*Times are tentative due to schedule must be coordinated with the girls tryouts.


Varsity will be selected by the end of Tuesday afternoon’s practice.