Red Raiders News · Weekly Training Workouts – 3.0

Since we are all to stay at home, as Coach Wells has provided a workout or two earlier when we thought we’d be able to gather sooner than later as we are currently we have some more workout material to share.  Coach Wells will begin to provide weekly workouts for student athletes to use for their training and conditioning for the week.  Some may require outside the home activity, so all health related requirements should be used, ie. social distancing. If any student athletes have questions or comments they can reach Coach Wells directly at

Stay strong Tosa East and keep moving forward!

Jumping Rope:

This week’s recommendation is to buy a good jump rope.

Benefits of jumping rope include:

  • Improve reaction speed
  • Improve aerobic capability
  • Improve anaerobic capability
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Learn to use a jumprope by first employing the two-foot jump method.  Start slowly and be as precise as possible until you feel comfortable.  Like learning anything – do not rush the process.  If you do, poor habits will compromise future growth.
  • Initially, do not spend a lot of time jumping rope daily.  5 to 10 minutes per day is a good time frame to start with.  Gradually build up to as much as you desire without incurring too much soreness.
  • Perform your jump rope sessions immediately after your warmup, or use as the warmup.  You will be learning a skill, which ideally should be done in a non-fatigued state.

Here is a good video to get you started:


Isometric strength training is applying force without movement.  Since many of you do not have access to weights currently, this could be an effective way to maintain or build strength.  A few examples of isometrics are pushup holds, planks, and wall sits.

Everyone knows how to perform wall sits and planks, but maybe not pushup holds.  Basically you start in a plank position, lower yourself halfway down to the ground, and then hold that position.  Do these for time and/or reps.  For another challenge, perform a quasi isometric by performing a pushup very slowly – for example 5 seconds down and 5 seconds up.

Challenge yourself with planks and wall sits as well.  Perhaps America’s greatest Olympian, Eric Heiden, worked up to a one hour wall sit, while the world plank record was again recently broken by someone going over 8 hours straight.

There are plenty of challenges out there for you to attempt.  Don’t let the coronavirus get you down – get out there and grow!