Boys Varsity Track and Field · SENIOR SPOTLIGHT – Ryan Vanderboom, Track/Field

Spring sports are cancelled for the year, but we want to honor the seniors for their commitment in their sport while here at Tosa East.

NAME: Ryan Vanderboom

SPORT: Track/Field



FAVORITE BOOK: Lord of The Flies

COLLEGE: UW Madison 

WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST ABOUT YOUR TEAM?  Being able to see people who are strong and that I look up to.

WHAT’S NEW ACTIVITY HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE BEING A HOME? Working at a grocery store a lot more and training on my own.

WHAT’S YOUR BEST ATHLETIC MEMORY AT TOSA EAST YOU HAVE? Sitting on the field before one of my races at Hart Park when the sun was out.

WHAT MESSAGE WOULD YOU SAY TO EVERYONE?  Even if the situation doesn’t get better, you can.