Red Raiders News · Weekly Training Workouts – 4.0

Since we are all to stay at home, as Coach Wells has provided a workout or two earlier when we thought we’d be able to gather sooner than later as we are currently we have some more workout material to share.  Coach Wells will begin to provide weekly workouts for student athletes to use for their training and conditioning for the week.  Some may require outside the home activity, so all health related requirements should be used, ie. social distancing. If any student athletes have questions or comments they can reach Coach Wells directly at

Stay strong Tosa East and keep moving forward!


Shopping Bag Farmer’s Walk

Fill 4 “milk jugs” with water, dirt, or stones and place 2 in each canvas shopping bag.  Proceed to walk around a block or two.  This exercise can be completed as part of a larger circuit or by itself.


Run around block

Push-ups – as many as possible

Squats – 20-50 reps

Row with milk jug – as many as possible

Farmer’s Walk around block

Repeat 4 times

Canvas Exercise Bag

Acquire a large military style canvas bag.  Instead of filling it with sand as many do, you will fill it with wood chips, which can be bought at Farm and Fleet, etc.  Keep the wood chips in their shipping bags and then place them in the canvas bag.  You now have a great exercise tool with many different applications!


Clean bag

Clean and press

Shoulder bag

Carry around block employing a bear hug