Multiple Teams · Contact Day Information

Hey All,

Thank you all to those who responded to the form! Those of you that responded by Sunday please plan on attending the full two hours of 3-5 pm Tuesday (7th) and Wednesday (8th)!

PLEASE come early as we have to check everyone in, fill out forms etc so we suggest 2:30-2:45 so that way we can starting volleyball-ing ASAP to 3 pm start time 🙂

The boys will be divided up into groups of max 10 divided up amongst the 4 courts within the two gyms.

– Masks are REQUIRED for ALL to enter the building so bring one. However, when it is time to play the players are allowed to take off their masks, coaches may not.
-BRING OWN WATER BOTTLE! We are trying to limit use of bubblers if at all possible as far as getting drinks from, will use to refill water bottles.