Red Raiders News · Wauwatosa Ski Race Team Results

The Wauwatosa Ski Race Team is off to a great start this season.  The team consists of 35 skiers from both Tosa East and Tosa West.

Their first competition took place on Monday, January 6th at the Rock Snowpark.  The JV boys team placed first overall with the top 3 skiers being from Wauwatosa – Mason King, Joe Byrne and John Thielke.

They had another winning night at their last race on Thursday, January 7th at the Rock Snowpark.  The Girls Varsity and Girls JV teams placed 1st with Shea Sidner of Tosa East placing 1st overall for the girls.

The team gets back into action on Thursday, January 14th at Heiliger Huegel in Hubertus.  Good Luck!!