Mission/Vision Statement

Wauwatosa East Athletics has established both a mission and vision statement to guide coaches, students and fans along their journey in athletics at Tosa East.  These statements of ideas came together from a collective group of coaches, parents, students, alum and administration. We believe these to be the ideals of what Tosa East Athletics should strive for every day on the court, field, pool, course, as well as in the classroom and community.


The Wauwatosa East Athletic Department is dedicated to providing every student-athlete with the best possible extracurricular experience as an extension of district educational goals.  Athletics at Wauwatosa East shall empower student-athletes to be good citizens by instilling values of teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, respect and leadership.



The Wauwatosa East Athletic Department seeks to provide experiences for all student-athletes; to learn perseverance through positive coaching, development of healthy lifestyle habits, fair competition and creating opportunities for success.  Red Raider athletics will always strive to honor our proud past by representing the district and Wauwatosa community with pride.



The core values of Wauwatosa East look to promote positive experiences for student athletes by building relationships, along with teaching life lessons by learning from failures.

COACHABLErespect to the coach, listening-hearing, identification of own flaws
COMPETEgiving the best every-time, no matter the situation
DIVERSITYunderstand and empathize with the variety of students at school and on team
LOYALTYtrust the process of the team, coach and school; stay with the program
PURPOSEFULbe productive in what you are doing when you are present
RELIABILITYperformance base, be a great teammate that can be trusted
RESPONSIBILITYcontribute to the team, no matter what your role is
SERVICEteam, school, community
TIME MANAGEMENTbalance of activities, responsibilities; arrive on time
TOGETHERNESSwork as a group, see value in each other
UNITYin activity together, not on different agendas, seek a common goal